BME recommends tax breaks for SMEs to list on MAB

El Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) provides an efficient funding option for the SMEs and an opportunity for investors to diversify.

BME launches a financial messaging platform

A new product of BME INNOVA for financial and non-financial companies

BVB - The new index PYME (Small and medium companies) is born
- Document only available in Spanish -
Employment, sales, assets, or patrimony. Which criteria or attributes are recognized in a small or medium company? The stock market has created the PYME Index which allows to determine "who is who" between companies, when size is about.

BME launches a new trading platform for warrants and certificates

The new platform, which is tailored to this type of products, offers enhanced trading capacity and flexibility.

BBV - The renewed web site is now available

During the last month of 2008, they renewed their web site and changed the domain, from to

MEMORIA 2008 FIAB is now available here.
- Document only avaliable in Spanish -
We invite you to explore it

BMV – Successful launch of the new CORPOTRAC
- Document only available in Spanish -
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, is the first stock market in Latin America to list a TRAC of local corporate debt.

BME - Link Up Markets goes live

Link Up Markets, the joint venture between 8 European Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) representing 50% of European securities transactions, successfully launched on March 30, allowing for easy implementation of links between Central Securities Depositories (CSDs).

BME - Inline Warrants, a new investment product on the Spanish Stock Exchange

The first 12 issues of this type of warrant start trading tomorrow, issued by Société Générale.

BM&FBOVESPA sets new trading record via DMA on the GTS

BM&FBOVESPA registered on Tuesday, March 3rd, a record 29,010 trades via Direct Market Access (DMA) on the GTS (Global Trading System),.

BVC - A booming of investments funds has come due to the falling of prices in the assets caused by the crisis.
- Document only available in Spanish -
As strange it could seem that new business could open, investments managers are looking forward medium and long term because they know that in anytime profits will return.

BM&FBOVESPA - Announces the new president of the Administration Board
- Document only available in portuguese -
The Ordinary General Assembly of shareholders of BM&FBOVESPA S.A. has chosen the new Administration Board that will have as president the economist Arminio Fraga Neto.

BMV - Annual General Ordinary Assembly, new structure of its Administration Board

Luis Téllez Kuenzler, has been elected as the new President and General Director of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, S.A.B de C.V., he will asume his charge from May 5th of the present year.

The IBEX 35® TOTAL return and IBEX 35® SHORT to be disseminated as of May 13th

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) will start the calculation and real time dissemination of the new tradable indices IBEX 35® TOTAL RETURN and IBEX 35® SHORT as of May 13th.

BVC and Xm announces a new energy derivatives market project
- Document available in Spanish -
Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A. (BVC) and XM Compañía de Expertos en Mercados S.A. E.S.P. (XM), ISA branch, announced on Tuesday the creation of a new energy derivatives market in Colombia, by means of a joint initiative that will be named DERIVEX S.A.

BME - New ETF on the Spanish Stock Exchange

The Spanish stock exchange will tomorrow start trading a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) called Lyxor ETF Euro Corporate Bond, issued by Lyxor Asset Management.

BVM – From today, the activities of Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo in Internet

Is the first time in the history of this country, that the Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo has a new communication system that allows the Internet users have access to the information that reveals the behavior of the stock market, of all the instruments that are quoted in the BVM.


Is now available in our web site.

Successful Launch of NYSE Arca Europe

New pan-European MTF provides customers with low-cost, high-speed access to the most liquid European stocks on a single trading platform.

BME - Annual Report 2008

It is now available on it´s web site.

Barcelona Stock Exchange - Annual Report 2008

It is now available on its web site

IOSCO publishes recommendations in response to the financial crisis in Emerging Markets.

Media release

BME - 2008 Report on share ownership in Spain

Retail investors hold to their equity investments, accounting for 20.2% of total share ownership

BME - Open outcry trading to go electronic as of July 10

Greater accessibility and transparency on the trading floor

BME - AIAF to become the governing body of electronic platform SENAF, which turns into to a Multilateral Trading Platform (MTF)

The first MTF approved in Spain

BM&FBOVESPA - 4th International Financial and Capital Markets Conference

Between August 27 to 30 BM&FBOVESPA is organizing the 4th International FInancial and Capital Markets Conference. The meeting is taking place in Campos do Jordao, in Sao Paulo, with the aim of encouraging derivatives and capital markets, including Brazil in the select way of the hughe international events in financial debates.

FIAB opens its stand in the 4th International Financial and Capital Markets Conference

From today August 27 to 30 FIAB is having it stand in the 4th International FInancial and Capital Markets Conference organized by BM&FBOVESPA. The meeting is taking place in Campos do Jordao, in Sao Paulo, with the aim of encouraging derivatives and capital markets, including Brazil in the select way of the hughe international events in financial debates.

CFTC allows BM&FBOVESPA to offer and sell in the United States its full-sized and mini-sized futures contracts based on the Ibovespa index

Washington, DC - The Commodity Futures Trading Commission s (CFTC s) Office of General Counsel today announced that it issued a no-action letter on August 26, 2009, permitting ...

BME launches the IBEX 35® IMPACTO DIV index

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) has created the IBEX 35® IMPACTO DIV, which is meant to act as an underlying asset for derivative products...

XXXVI Ordinary General Assembly of FIAB

During the morning of September 7th 2099, in the rooms of the J. W. Marriot Hotel in the city of Lima, has taken place the XXXVI Ordinary General Assembly of FIAB, where authorities has been renewed, assigning as the new president of FIAB Mr. Adelmo J. J. Gabbi and Vicepresident Mr. Joan Hortalá I Arau in precence of Lic. Elvira María Schamann, Secretary General, as well as stock members delegates. More...

Joint Annual Meeting FIAB-WFE – Lima, Peru – September 2009 7th - 8th

During the evening of the 7th and during all day of September the 8th, in the rooms of the J. W. Marriot Hotel in the city of Lima, has taken place the Joint Annual Meeting FIAB-WFE. Authorities and delegates of the stock members of FIAB, as well as participants of the stock world and special guests of many countries of the world, attended the meeting. The syllabus of the meeting has been divided into five panels, in which a wide variety of subjects related with the current affairs of the worldwide stock markets, had been discussed. The panellist’s works are available here…

MERVAL - Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires S.A. has joined the CCP12 - Central Counterparty Global Conference

On September 18th 2009, the CCP12 – Central Counterparty Global Conference , in the Special General Meeting in the city of Hong Kong, and after a statement given by Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires S.A.; proceeded to approve the petition to join it, as it fulfils the international requirements inherent to the Association of Compensation and Central Counterparty.
It must be remembered that this Association is composed by the most important CCPs in Europe, Asia y the American Continent; being the mission of the CCP12: share information, support the development of regulation of the activity, act as a link between regulatory organizations and users of the worldwide market, and foster the best practices related with the risk administration of the central counterparties; aims which the Merval share.

BME - MEFF expands its Futures range with a new contract on the IBEX 35 DIV IMPACT index

The contract’s main feature is that it allows a futures contract on the IBEX 35 to be stripped of its dividend component, in this way providing or eliminating the exposure to this variable


- NASDAQ OMX and BM&FBOVESPA enter discussions on possible strategic, commercial, and technological partnership. - BM&FBOVESPA adopts LME metal reference prices. - BM&FBOVESPA authorizes launch of the flexible call and put options on soybean futures contracts.

BM&BOVESPA S.A. (BVMF3) and NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. have entered into non-binding memoranda of understanding

Concerning the technology and commercial conditions related to the services and products addressed in a Material Fact released on August 26, 2009

BME to create a Trade Repository for OTC financial products

Greater control and transparency, in line with the proposal by the European Commission

Joint Meeting IIMV-FIAB - Santiago, Chile - 29/10/2009 - Presentations available in our section FIAB DOCUMENTS

Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago wins the prize to “Infraestructure and technology” of CETIUC 2009 of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Chile

View press release...

Speech of the President of Mercado a Termino de Rosario – ROFEX, during the celebration of the 100 Anniversary

Read the speech here...

BM&FBOVESPA - The renewed web site is now available

To visit it click here…

Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario - Cristián Amuchástegui elected as new President

The board of directors has been defined as follows:
President: Cristian Amuchástegui
First Vicepresident: Víctor Cabanellas (h)
Second Vicepresident: Horacio Ángeli
Read the Press Release (only available in Spanish), click here...

BME - new investment product, Warrants Turbo Pro

Read Press Release here...

BMV - Exchange group launches a new service of Co-Location

Press release only available in Spanish, here...

BM&FBOVESPA - Results of the negotiations carried out with The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.

The commercial contract mentions global distribution of market data and the provision of NASDAQ OMX products and corporate services to public companies in Brazil. And NDAQ will develop a communications system to facilitate the routing of orders between brokers in the US and Brazil.

BM&FBOVESPA launches stock index to measure returns on Brazilian financial sector

This is the Exchange’s 15th stock index and it will trade under the ticker symbol IFNC. ...continue reading...

BME - New product in Spanish Stock Exchange - INDEX LINKED NOTES

Read press release here...

BME - Infobolsa and Noesis launch a new service: DATALIFE

It offers contents for personal financial planning. -Continue reading by clicking here...-

BME expands its IBEX35® index family

They will be calculated and disseminated in real time as of April (read press release here)

BM&FBOVESPA - MoU with CME Group about Strategic Partnership

Read press release here...

IOSCO has published a final report – Principles for Periodic Disclosure by Listed Entities (Periodic Disclosure Principles)

Read the report here...

BM&FBOVESPA - Authorizes three new Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for trading

iShares IBrX – Brazil Index (IBrX-100) Fund, iShares BM&FBOVESPA Consumer Index and iShares BM&FBOVESPA Real Estate Index Fund (read press release here)

BME - Informs incentives por investors and companies in the MAB

View press release here (version available in Spanish)

BME - MCDR, Egypt s CSD, joins Link Up Markets

Read press release here...

BME to create a platform for mutual funds

Read press release...

BVRD - Named new president of Board of Directors

Mrs. María Antonia Esteva de Bisonó (read the press release -only available in Spanish)

BMV - Entered into a strategic partnership with CME Group

This partnership includes an agreement of order routing for derivate products (continue reading...)

BMV started its new stock market trading station, NSO

On June 16th, BMV started its new market trading station, called Nuevo SENTRA Operador (NSO). It allows Brokerage Firms to obtain real time market information and provides facilities to do buy/sale transactions in an fast and easy way.

BME: launch of CODE-BME
BME informed in June the launch of Emissions Rights Organized Commerce (CODE-BME), a greenhouse-effect gases emission negotiation platform.
- Document only available in spanish -

BVC – Upgrades for the Business Continuity Plan
- Document only available in Spanish -
In July, the Operative Risk Administration System (SARO) was intensified in all levels of the organization, and the Operations Alternative Center (CAO) was implemented for the purpose of strengthening the Business Continuity Plan.

BME: STELLAS TRADING SYSTEMS connects its high speed negotiation platform to MEFF
- Document only available in Spanish -
On July 30th, BME’s options and futures market and Stellar Trading Systemas (‘Stellar’) have announced the finalization, by Stellar, of the development of a device for the connection between their platform, Stellar speardMachine, and MEFF.

Bolsa de Colombia (BVC) – New Shares Negotiation Model
- Document only available in Spanish -
BVC is working on migrating its shares negotiation model so as to adapt it to international standards.

BM&FBOVESPA joins the Novo Mercado
- Document only available in Spanish -
Since August 20th BM&FBOVESPA S.A. started trading its ordinary shares in the Novo Mercado, under the quoteBVMF3.

The Mexican Bourse (BMV) applies a new method to assign trading levels to stocks issuers

Since September 1st, BMV applies a new criteria when assigning trading levels to stock issuers (high, medium, low, lowest). This measure was taken as a part of the strategy to improve the stock market’s operational and liquidity conditions.

BM&FBOVESPA launches Small Cap and Mid-Large Cap Indices
- Document only available in Spanish -
Since September 1st session, two new indicators are part of the Brazilian stock market. BM&FBOVESPA Small Cap and BM&FBOVESPA Mid-Large Cap Indices measure companies’ return using the market value criteria. The quote for the first will be SMLL and MLCX for the later, and the indices will have their portfolios revaluated every four months.

Bolsa de Santiago and Bolsa Mexicana give their first steps toward regional integration

On September 12th both institutions along with their depositaries, Indeval, from Mexico and DCV, from Chile, formalized the beginning of the works to implement mechanisms that will allow both markets’ integration, in FIAB’s project framework.

BME: Link Up Markets selects SWIFT as its connectivity provider
- Document only available in Spanish -
Link Up Markets, the society created by seven European Values Central Depositaries, aiming to be more efficient in across-the-border transactions in the matter of post-hiring, has chosen SWIFT as its connectivity provider. The technological solution will be based on SWIFT’s interactive messaging service, InterAct.

XXXV FIAB’s General Ordinary Assembly

In the morning of September 15th, in the function rooms of the Radisson Hotel, in Montevideo, Uruguay, the XXXV FIAB’s General Ordinary Assembly took place. Amongst the participants were FIAB’s President, don Patricio Peña Romero; the Vice-president, don Adelmo J.J. Gabbi and the General Secretary, Lic. Elvira María Schamann, along with delegations of member bourses.

FIAB’s annual meeting – Montevideo, Uruguay, September 15th & 16th

FIAB’s Annual Meeting was held in the function rooms of the Raddisson Hotel, in Montevideo Uruguay. Authorities and delegates from FIAB’s member bourses, along with special guests attended to the event. The meeting’s agenda was divided into five notice boards, and treated a wide variety of exchange markets related topics.

BM&FBOVESPA announces the new rebalancing of the indices theoretical portfolios, valid as of January 2, 2009.

The indices BM&FBOVESPA are rebalanced each four months. See the portfolios:

BMV - Listing of one new ETF through the Equities Market: IMXTRAC

Starting on December 18th, 2008 the BMV will begin the listing of 1 new ETF through the Equities Market.

BME - IGBM index new composition for first half 2009.

The Indice General de la Bolsa de Madrid (IGBM) Management Committee has decided, in accordance with technical provisions for the composition, calculation and sectorial division of the IGBM index family, to approve the composition of the IGBM and Indice Total indices for the first half of 2009

BVL will reduce the rates from 2009
- Document only available in Spanish -
Bolsa de Valores de Lima wil reduce the rates from 2009 to promote investment, financing and competitivity and by this increase the number of the participants in the peruvian stock market. This decision will benefit investors and emsion enterprises.

Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago informs change in shares portfolio for year 2009
- Document only available in Spanish -
IPSA; IGPA, INTER-10 and sectorial and patromony index.

Regulation proposed for investment banking in Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

- Document only available in Spanish -

BVL - The Index Buen Gobierno Corporativo, shows the lowest volatility in the international financial situation
- Document only available in Spanish -
The Index Buen Gobierno Corporativo (IBGC), is the index that has been less affected for the international financial situation, marked today the stock market of Lima.

BVL - Press release
- Document only available in Spanish -
Numbers and events highlighted in the Lima sotck market in 2008

OECD - The 2008 meeting of the latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable

Summary Note - 2-3 December, Mexico City, Mexico

OECD - Latin American Roundtable 2008 Mexico

The 2008 meeting of the Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable

Colombia: First country in Latin America with automatic trading
- Document only available in Spanish -
The Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) started to use the first completely technological platform of stock trading, allowing transactions made directly from the Internet.

BMV - Through its group VALMER, launches a new index VLMR - CORPOTRAC
- Document only available in Spanish -
This index offers a new alternative to follow in a trust and timely way the behaviour of the performance of the main Corporate Debt issuers in Mexico.

BME creates the IBEX 35® SHORT index

This index will start to be disseminated in real time the first week of May.

BM&FBOVESPA introduces the new index Real State and Consumtion
- Document only available in Spanish -
From the first sesion of 2009, BM&FBOVESPA, begins the estimation and spreading, in real time, of the two sectorial indexes: the Index BM&FBOVESPA of Consumption and the Index BM&FBOVESPA of Real State, that will be known with the code ICON and IMOB, respectively.

BM&FBOVESPA - Equities markets

BM&F BOVESPA contracts NYSE Euronext to upgrade its electronic trading platform

Financiation for Small and Medium companies in the stock market
- Document only available in Spanish -
A pesar de la desaceleración económica mundial y la falta de financiamiento, con epicentro en el mercado financiero norteamericano que se extendió a toda la economía global, el mercado de capitales argentino continúa financiando a las PyMEs. Así durante el mes de enero del presente año Rural Ceres S.A. colocó una emisión de obligaciones negociables garantizadas bajo el régimen PyME por u$s. 1.350.000.- y un conjunto de PyMEs obtuvieron financiamiento para sus proyectos agrícolas por u$s. 3.500.000.- a través de valores representativos de deudas emitidos en Agro Alianza I Fideicomiso Financiero. También consiguieron importantes recursos monetarios a través de la operatoria bursátil de cheques de pago diferido, dado que el volumen operado de cheques de pago diferido en ese mes alcanzó el segundo valor histórico más alto con $67 millones (u$s. 19.09 millones), lo que implicó un aumento mensual del 13.7%. El 94.8% del total operado correspondió a cheques avalados.

Euronext Lisbon lists for the first time Bonds denominated in USD

Read press release here...

BME - Visual Trader and Atrium Network connect their networks to offer connectivity to the Spanish Exchange

To reduce access latency, the Atrium Network PoP (Point of presence) is installed within the new Proximity Site managed by VT (continue reading here...)

BVC - BVL - The Board of Directors of BVC authorized management to assess the financial, legal and regulatory viability of the corporate integration with the Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL).

Read press release here...

Joint project between MERVAL, BCBA and Caja de Valores de Buenos Aires, with the endorsement of the CNV

Read press release here (only available in Spanish)

ROFEX And MERVAROS Initiate Merging Process

Both exchanges have subscribed a letter of intent to begin a merging process.

MERVAROS - New Manager asigned: Dr. Fernando Luciani

Read formal note (only available in Spanish)

BME creates a fixed income electronic trading platform for retail investors

To start on 10 May. And it will be called Sistema Electrónico de Negociación de Deuda (SEND) -Read Press Release here-

BME - New IBEX 35® indices to be disseminated from 22 april

From 22 April, Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) will begin to calculate and disseminate, in real time, the following indices...

ROFEX launched its DMA Platform

DMA is the new platform launched by ROFEX for its brokers, it will give an easier acces to the market (only available in Spanish)

BM&FBOVESPA launches cash-settled hydrous ethanol futures contracts

Read press release here...

Clearstream joins BME’s OTC trade repository project

Read press release here...

BM&FBOVESPA and Chi-X Global announced an alliance to create a software for brazilian stock negociation order transaction in foreign currency

Read press release (document only available in portuguese)


Now available in our web site...

Caja de Valores of Buenos Aires mentioned for its quality and security

Caja de Valores S.A. has obtained the ICREA Certificación (based on the Std. -131-2009) for its new Data Center

BMV - New organization

Read press release here (only available in Spanish)

NYSE Euronext Appoints Luis Laginha de Sousa to Succeed Miguel Athayde Marques as Chairman and CEO of NYSE Euronext Lisbon

Read Mr. Miguel Athayde Marques letter to the FIAB Member Exchanges and NYSE Euronext press release...